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You are worth more than Facebook Likes, Instagram followers and Ad Converstions

Posted by Lauren Miller on

Makers of handmade. Has this become your new normal?

It goes something like this...

I need to check my Facebook ad converstions, what's my click per ad ration, where is my pixel and what the heck is a pixel anyways, are my listings coming up in Etsy searches, "gift for her", "gift for him", "gift for mom", "gift for them" why did I just loose Instagram followers, did I answer that comment, are they seeing this on Pinterest, are my Pins buyable?, did I hashtag that?, did I over hashtag....

Okay makers... It's time to chill out! Just a bit.

All these social media messages are weighing too heavily in my mind and I needed to remind myself as makers and buyers alike we are worth so much more. Sure our stats and likes are important gages of our business and heck they can even make you feel good but enough is enough sometimes. We are real people, with real families and holiday time is the best time to keep it in perspective. If your making and selling something you put your heart into, you are already awesome. Keep up the good work, keeping making and sharing your passions. And do something nice for yourself today that has nothing to do with social media. IE: go outside and play!


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