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Toasted Coconut Bath Bomb Crumbles

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Toasted Coconut bath bomb crumbles will bring all the fizz and bubbles to your bath time but put you in control of how much or how little to use.The pouch is resealable and comes with 14 full ounces of our best selling bath bomb blend. Handmade with natural ingredients including shea butter that will sooth and leave your skin feeling so soft. We added foaming bath salts to our new crumble packs for that extra home spa experience. And of course with all our bath bombs, they will not stain your tub. Just bring you loads of color and lots of "me time". Glass of wine not included but recommended.

Scent: One of our best selling scents with toasty blend of coconuts and vanilla.

A great solution too for little kids bath time as they can use just a little each day. Have fun mixing and matching your favorite scents and make you very own custom tub time right at home.

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(This is a new product launch so check back for more arrivals very soon.)



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