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Massage Bar Soap with Sponge Soap Dish

Regular price $ 9.95

This soap bar is a complete bath gift in one with a massage bar soap complete with sponge soap dish. Rest your handmade bar soap in it's own soap dish and when you are ready to shower, use the dish as a bath sponge and scrub yourself clean. How fun! 

The bath sponge has a resting area for when your handmade soap is not in use. And made with a gentle exfoliating for your skin as well. 

These are super limited and the quantity listed is all we have available for the moment.

Listing includes massage bar soap that feels so good on the skin and color coordinated sponge soap dish. Each bar weighs 6 oz.

Select at checkout which ones suit you best. 

Pick from:

  • Pink Rose
  • White Jasmine
  • Orange Citrus 
  • Yellow Lemon
  • Blue Cucumber
  • Green Aloe




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