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Bath Bomb Press

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Our bath bomb press will help you make bath bombs faster and more efficiently. Ready to ship and ready to use right out of the box. No assembly required. We designed our bath bomb press to be adjustable without the use of tools. Fits round bath bomb molds from size 1-3 inches in diameter. Our press is proudly engineered and made in the USA.  Our machine has helped us at Sunbasilgarden in production and we are bringing our machines to fellow bath bomb makers to help in your handmade bath business. 

In the event you find our bath bomb press old out, please sign up here to join our waitlist. Each press is machined and made by hand and we sell these on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note: our 10% off welcome coupon DOES NOT qualify on bath bomb press. And we do require shipping cost as we insure postage. So our press also does not qualify for our free shipping discount. 

Our press also DOES NOT COME WITH MOLDS. Listing includes bath bomb press with instructions. 

Adjustable to fit bath bomb molds from 1-3 inches.
Fast, we typically can press a dozen bath bombs in 10 minutes.
No slip, non marring base
Engineered for bath bomb makers
No expensive molds to purchase. Because you are not limited to one mold, you do not have to waste time cleaning and drying molds. Just fill stainless steel molds and press.

Our back story: I had been making and selling bath bombs to my customers at  Sunbasilgarden Soap for some time but finding them very challenging to produce reliably and even harder to fill large order requests by hand. Not to mention my wrists were feeling the pressure as well. My husband who is a mechanical engineer listened to to my requirements and made this bath bomb press for me and I use it daily and would never consider making bath bombs without it. Made from the finest materials and American engineering, we hope our press makes bath bomb making more enjoyable and is an added asset in your handmade business. Our presses are NOT made to order. They are sold first come, first serve. If out of stock, you can join our mailing list here and will be notified on our next production run. Each press is machined and made by hand.

Here is what we are most excited about with our Machine Advantage Bath Bomb Press:

1)  Our press has been designed with a small foot print so it can easily be used in your work space. Horizontal and vertical space is always precious in a shop and our press will only take up a small amount of room. Measurements: 10" long x 9.75" wide and 12.75 tall. It also does not require compressed air or any other tools to operate. It has been designed to use straight out of the box. And will provide a minimum of 3 times the pressure of a hand method.

2)  You can make various size round bath bombs with our press. Our bottom cage is adjustable to fit bath bomb molds of 1" - 3 " in diameter. We made this press so you can use your own molds as many makers already have a large investment already of molds. We recommend stainless steel molds and you can find those online at Ebay or Etsy. This also allows you to use as many molds per batch of mixture as you like which really speeds up production. We often work in our shop with a two person team. One person filling the mold, the other one using the press. But you can work solo and even involve more hands if you like. Bath bomb molds must be absolutely dry when working with your mixture so there is a big advantage when in production to have various dry molds on hand to use. We do not provide molds with our press. Those in pictures are just for example.

3)  Our patent pending three prong Delrin cage will hold your mold as you press. It has been designed to adjust without a single tool and can easily be hand adjusted while working with a wet bath bomb mixture. The cage pins have been milled with grip so even with gloves and bath bomb crumbs, it can be easily adjusted without a need for tools. 

4)  Our bath bomb press machine has been constructed with 20 years engineering experience in research and development. Our mission at Machine Advantage is to provide American engineered machines of the finest quality that will help you with your business. This is ready to use right out of the box and all components have been calibrated and tested. 

You will receive:

  • Bath Bomb Press
  • Instructions
  • Small brush to help with clean up
  • Please note: Bath bomb molds DO NOT COME WITH OUR PRESS

Your press will ship in 1-3 days of paid order, via USPS Priority Mail with the utmost care in packaging. Please note. We do require shipping on this item and it does not apply for our free soap shipping discounts as we do insure postage.

Extra details:

Bottom plate has a slip proof protective foam to protect your work space. You can also hard mount the instrument and template and pre drilled holes are on the bottom of each base plate. I do not have my drilled into work space but this is an option if you like. 

Clean up is easy. Just rinse cage under water and let dry. A brush is included to help wipe away bath bomb crumbs.

Made from 6061 Aluminum, Delrin Plastic, Phenolic plastic handles.



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