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Easter Egg Soaps

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Our Easter egg soaps are made just for your Easter gifting. This adorable jar of handmade mini Easter egg soaps comes packaged in a jar, complete with Happy Easter label and ready to gift. Teeny tiny itty bitty is always adorable in our book. And the most EGG-CELLENT part is the scent of Spring as soon as you CRACK open the jar. Pardon the puns but we cant help ourselves. These soaps are scented in a fresh Spring Tulip. Each jar contains 18 mini glycerin Easter egg soaps in an assortment of pastel colors. Measuring at 1.5" x 1" x 1.25" each. Total weight 7 oz. 

As with all our soaps, they are natural and detergent free. Each jar is labelled with warning not to eat because these look so realistic.



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