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Eucalyptus and Mint Loofah Soap

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Our Eucalyptus and Mint Refresh Loofah soap is a handmade bar that is both refreshing and useful. The scent is really fresh, minty yet full of green notes of eucalyptus. Organic loofah embedded right inside each bar. Use one side for shaving and lather, then flip to the loofah to gently exfoliate skin. Love the results why using to shaved legs. Also great soap to keep by the sink to really clean dirty hands. I like to call it beauty and function all in one! Great bar for the gardeners too on your list.

Scent: Refreshing Eucalyptus and Mint
Handcrafted all natural glycerin soap with loofah built right in.
7 oz. Vegan friendly. Listing for 1 soap



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