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Spray Hand Sanitizer Aloe and Jasmine Scent

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No water. No problem! Our spray hand sanitizer in aloe and jasmine scent keeps hands germ free and clean when you don't have access to soap and water.  At 4 oz. this bottle of hand sanitizer spray will last and is perfect to keep in the car, your office, purse and travel bag. Made with 70% alcohol base to ensure not only clean hands but properly sanitized hands. The CDC recommends use of hand sanitizers of at least 60% alcohol. Our aloe and jasmine is a blend of fresh aloe with a touch of feminine jasmine flowers. For those who like their hand hygiene to smell pretty too!

All ingredients sourced and made here in the USA.

Listing is for 1 green bottle of spray hand sanitizer in aloe and jasmine scent. 4 oz, 

Ingredients: Ethanol alcohol 70%, Aloe Barbendensis Leaf (Aloe vera), Carbomer, Dimethicone, Trisopropanolamine, Water, Natural Fragrance Oil. 

Please note:  Our welcome coupon DOES NOT APPLY to this product. 

Limit two bottles per customer visit.



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