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Creamsicle Bath Bomb

Regular price $ 6.99

Our creamsicle bath bomb is filled with iconic scents of summer with sweet oranges and vanilla cream. This orange bath fizzy offer loads of fizz but also bubbles. We add the perfect amount of shea butter to leave your skin with a light, silky smooth finish after you relax away the stress of the day in the tub. And of course we don't want to give you more work. All our bath bombs will not stain your tub.

Each creamsicle both bomb is our medium size, 6 oz, about the size of a tangerine. They arrive shrink wrapped to protect until you are ready for bath time.

Save on our rainbow bath bomb gift pack here and enjoy not only creamsicle but the entire fruity family. 

Go bananas while you are at it and add a matching jar of sugar scrub here. 



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