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Grapefruit Bath Bomb Crumbles

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Our grapefruit bath bomb crumbles are for the lovers of citrus and total refreshment in your bath time. The resealable pouch allows you to control how much or how little you want to use per bath. We added a fun mix of both big chunks and light powder along with foaming bath salts for a total me time experience.  As with all our bath bombs and crumbles, they are safe for kids and safe on your bath tub too. 

Each pouch is a full 14 ounces of our best selling bath bomb blend. Handmade with natural ingredients including shea butter that will sooth and leave your skin feeling so soft. We added foaming bath salts to our new crumble packs for that little something extra. 

SCENT: Bright, crisp citrus full notes of grapefruit and zest. 

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